Andrei Ram Yoga Teacher Training in Japan 20th-29th March, 2015


Yoga Advanced Training for Teachers and Serious Practitioners

10-day immersion course for yoga teachers or dedicated yoga practitioners directed by Andrei Ram.

For many years Andrei Ram has been directing life transformative yoga courses in Japan.
For first time Andrei Ram will be offering this special course specially designed for yoga teachers or those practitioners who are ready to take their yoga practice to deeper levels.

This immersion course transcends the mere physical aspect of the asana practice, revealing the world of energy, yogi lifestyle, mental control and other mystical aspects of the Yoga Science.

 It will provide techniques to realize an integral yoga practice, and how to direct a self-realization process for other students.

All classes will be taught personally by Andrei Ram


20 – 29 March 2015 (9 nights / 10 days)

20th March
- 1:00pm Check-in
Please come to Engyoji-Kaikan of Mt.Shosya until 1:00pm
(Lunch is NOT included. Please have lunch by yourself)

29th March
- 1:30pm Check-out
(Lunch is included.)

Andrei hasn't shown detail of schedule,
but he is imaging all day program.

When he did short immersion course in Japan before.
The schedule was as below.

6:30-8:00  Pranayama and meditation
8:00    breakfast
10:00-12:30    Master class
12:30    lunch
14:30-16:00    Jnana yoga (lecture). Outdoors program. (if weather allows it)
16:30-18:00    Inversion workshop.
18:00    dinner
20:00-21:30    Satsang and meditation

The schedule of this TT is guessed like that.


Engyōji-kaikan in Mount Shosha

2968, Shosha, Himeji, Hyogo 671-2201

TEL: 079-266-3240   (from abroad 81 79 266 3240)
FAX: 079-266-9731   (from abroad 81 79 266 9731)




Basically room is shared for 6 persons,
Rooms are very big and separated by a fusuma (papered sliding door).

But there is several vacant rooms,
so if you would like, it is possible to use your personal room with additional fee.
Please ask if you hope.
Only last night (28th Mar.), there isn't any available personal room.

There are only shared toilets and baths.

In addition to one big shared bath,
there is one shower room,
so if you would like, you can use shower room alone in turns.



When you come to Japan,
Most flights come to Narita Airport where is near Tokyo.
It takes about 6 hours from Narita to Engyoji-temple where is retreat place.

Some flights come to Kansai international airport (KIX),
There is direct shuttle buses to Himeji-station from there,
it takes 90 minutes.

So if you can find flights to KIX from Europe,it is easier to come.

If you come from Narita airport on 19th Apr.
there are 2 ways from there.

*plan A (using Shinkan-sen)

6:50 Narita Airport 1st Terminal
   Limousine bus( about 75 min)

8:02 Tokyo station

8:50 Tokyo station
  Shinkansen Nozomi (185 min)
11:55 Himeji station

*plan B(using flight)

11:05 Narita Airport
   flight of Jetstar airline (95min)
12:45 Kansai Airport

13:15 Kansai Airport
  Limousine bus(130 -150 min)
15:35 Himeji station

From Himeji station to temple(Syosya-station),

you can take a bus which costs 260 yen, it takes 30 minutes,
or you can take a taxi which costs about 2300 yen, it takes 15 minutes.

If you use a bus,
take Shinki Bus number 8 from Himeji Station (Bus stop numger is 20)
to the terminal stop "Mount Shosha Ropeway" (書写山ロープウェイ)
It takes 30 minutes, 270 yen one way, departures every 20 minutes (0, 20 40)

Then, take the Mount Shosha Ropeway up the mountain.
It takes 500 yen one way, 900 yen round trip, departures every 15 minutes(0,15,30,45).

Alternatively, it is possible to hike up the mountain in about 45-60 minutes.

A convenient ticket to use is the "Shoshazan Ropeway" combination ticket that includes a round trip by bus from Himeji Station to the ropeway station and the ropeway round trip for 1300 yen. It is available at the ticket counter of the Shinki Bus Terminal in front of Himeji Station.

The meeting place is Engyoji-Kaikan.
Our program will start at 13:30 or 14:00.

So please come there by 13:00, or at latest 13:20.
It means you should take a ropeway at latest 13:00.

You can come in Engyoji-kaikan from morning,
so we suggest that you get there early and have a relax time,
taking a stroll and so on.

There is a small Japanese cafe in 3 minutes on foot from Engyoji-kaikan,
and you can eat lunch there(Japanese noodle, riceball, etc.)

Engyoji-kaikan is 15-minutes walk away from Ropeway-top-station.

There is a gate where you walk up about 100m from Ropeway-top-station.
You need to pay 500 yen there.

From gate, you can use a bus.
(It takes more 500 yen)

The bus will leave 15, 38, 55min every hour.
It takes 5 minutes to Engyoji-kaikan.

If you take a ropeway at 11:30, 11:45, 12:00, 12:15,
our staff will wait for you in front of gate,
and we will keep and convey your baggage,
so you can walk to Engyoji without a heavy baggage.

Engyoji is at 371 meter elevation,
so the temperature is about 3 degree lower than flatland.
Especially it is chilly at night and early morning.

And the place is an old big temple,
so it is drafty, and its floar is cold.

Please bring warm clothes, blankets, and so on,
preventing coldness from foot.

* belongings

-yoga mat
-yoga wear
-warm jacket(fleece, down, and so on)
-walkable shoes ( We will walk a rough dirt road )
-blanket (using when lying down, or when sitting as lap robe)
-inner cloths
-tools of writing
-any requirements you stay

We will share one loundry machine for everybody.
So please remind that you can wash your clothes every 3-4 days.

*Useful items

-soap, shampoo, and so on, if you have some favorites.
-drier ( There is only one drier in the temple )
-snacks, sweet stuff, teas, and so on.
(We will some kinds of tea and hot water pots)
-loundry net
(When many people use a loundry machine at the same time,
a loundry net can separate your cloths)

You can buy almost nothing on the mountain.
So please bring stuffs you need.


Vegan natural food & non alcoholic beverages,
If you have some inedible object, please ask us.

And everything else

Please don't use fire without permission,
because temples are important cultural properties.

There is a wifi spot in the temple.
So you can use free wifi.
But we recomend that you get away from electlicities to deepen your retreat.

If you have allowance to read,
you can deepen understanding of Yoga Stras, and Bhagavad Gita,
with books as below.

Integral Yoga: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita by Paramhansa Yogananda


If you need to contact us on the day, or in advance,
please feel free to contact us anytime.

TEL: 09055658756
MAIL: sakakiba@gmail.com

Keisuke Sakakibara (Nun)


280,000 yen

Inclusive of:
- 9-night accommodation, taxes and service charges
- Three meals each full-day
   (from first day dinner to last day's lunch)
- All yoga fees

You need to transfer funds into our Japanese savings account.

About cancel policy, you need cancel fee as below,

by 2/20 : 30,000 yen
by 3/13 : 60,000 yen
by 3/19 : 120,000 yen
after 3/20 : all of fee ( no return)

We will pay back  less bank transfar fee.

Register and inquiry

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Message from Andrei about this teacher training

Dear students, friends, yoga colleagues and spiritual family.

I'm very pleased to inform you that after many years being away from my beloved Japan, finally I'm going back to share with you all a wonderful yoga training.

This training course will take place in Engyōji in Mount Shosha During the last week of March 2015. March 20-29.

This 10-day training is specially focus on the energetic aspect of the Yoga practice. It will cover from the Asana system to the Meditation practice.

The Asana practice will have special focus on the energetic anatomy and how to move from the prana and how to achieve energy control .

The meditation practice will have emphasis on the Kriya Yoga techniques, which develop a living spirituality and awareness over the spiritual anatomy of the Sushuma channel. 

The training will also provide skills and techniques to develop higher awareness on daily living and many more wonderful experiences.

I look forward to reunite with all of you soon.

At your service,
with blessings

Andrei Ram OM
Twitter @   all_is_within

About the Staffs


Andrei Ram

Andrei Ram-Om maintains the tradition of living the life of a Yogi, while living in the ordinary world. He has been ordained by Sri Dharma Mittra to continue passing the living Yoga practices and to share them with others worldwide.

From an early age Andrei had strong insights and visualizations, which make him realized of the non-physical aspects of reality, divinity and Nature’s spirit. Born in Holyoke, MA, he grew up in Colombia, South America, faithful to the indigenous traditions and their respectful harmony with Mother Nature. Then he studied Marine Biology, Dance and Anthropology.

After many years of intense self-yoga practice, Andrei moved from Colombia to New York City in 2003, following an insight call that it was revealed as soon as he met his Guru Sri Yogi Dharma Mittra.

His devoted dedication to serve his guru as full time karma yogi led him to become the senior teacher at Dharma Yoga Center for many years, having the honor to be the head yogi at Kailashananda Temple when Sri Dharma was out of town.

During this time he collaborated hand to hand with Sri Dharma Mittra and Ismrittee Devi to develop the “Life of a Yogi” 200 hr and 500hr Teacher Training programs, offered by the “Dharma Yoga” Center. From 2005 to 2010 he was the senior teacher at these programs.

He has also directed the Yoga-One teacher training programs in Barcelona during 2011 to 2013.

Since 2011 Andrei Ram began to offer the “Self-Realization Immersion Course”, as a way of honoring and give gratitude to his beloved Guru. This course is designed to integrate the yoga practices to everyone’s daily search for self-freedom, and to promote coalition of all yoga styles back to its universal nature: Union, Oness, Yoga.

Following such unifying dharma, he has had the chance to collaborate with other traditional lineages, through organizations such as: “The Art Of Living Foundation” of Shri Shri Ravi Shankar in Haiti, and The “Escuela de Auto-Realizacion” of Priest Cesar Davila, which offers the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda in Ecuador.

Andrei Ram-Om, embodies the virtues of Yoga he has learned from his Guru; kindness, patience, humility, fortitude, humor, selfless service, ahimsa (non-harm), unconditional love, compassion and understanding for all.

He has gained worldwide recognition by his special talent to help practitioners to lose their fears and become steadfast Yogis in daily life. All teachings he imparts are established in classical traditions, which embrace all aspects of the science of Yoga, from the physical to the esoteric.

Most recently, Andrei’s main focus has been to adjust the ancient teachings of Yoga to the current world and its challenges. Regardless if One embraces Yoga tradition as the chosen path or the simple desire to discover the true Self and the essential nourishment of Mother Nature. Andrei Ram is committed to dissipate non-sense spirituality, to awake urban humanity from the blinded materialism and to assist the Soul to bring back the natural joy of daily living. His work supports the growth of true human consciousness as integral part of Mother Nature and never again against Her.

Andrei Ram travels the world leading yoga workshops, retreats, “Self Realization Immersion Courses” and also, as a consultant for spiritual organizations, environmental groups and financial institutions.

With angry determination and unweaving persistence, he stands up daily to become an embodiment of dharma (righteous duty, that which upholds and supports). For the sake of global Supreme Self Realization and Ultimate Liberation for all living beings.



Chikako Mizokami (Assistant and Translator for Japanese)

Chikako has been dedicating her life to sharing the living art and science of yoga and practicing the traditional lineage of Hatha Raja Yoga under the guidance of her beloved teacher, Shri Dharma Mittra, since 2007. Her deep friendship with Andrei Ram was formed at this time.

From early childhood, Chikako intuitively felt the nature as her highest teacher and always loved mountains of Japan.  Her reverence for Mother Earth has taken her to trek around the world and was deepened those experiences, culminating in the realization that we are the stewards of the Earth.

She integrates her background as a psychotherapist as well as certified holistic health counselor to help people reconnect with their innate wisdom, the inner light that is our true nature.  Far beyond asana (physical aspect of yoga), yoga is a gateway to purifying and healing our body, mind, and spirit in order to truly realize the unity and live our truth free from fears, that is the ultimate goal of yoga.  The road to self-realization is not one of seeking but of remembering.

She maintains the life of a modern yogi in the heart of New York City, fully committed to integrating the wisdom of yoga into her everyday life with simplicity and joy, and to a life of service.  She gives private consultation on yoga, healing, and holistic nutrition in NYC and teaches workshops internationally.


Keisuke (Nun) Sakakibara (Assistant & Organizer)

Keisuke Sakakibara ( called as Nun) lives in Kobe teaching yoga.
He met Andrei Ram in 2008,
and he participated in Darma Mittra's 200 hours teacher training which Andrei Ram served as a head teacher.
His life changed rapidly since then.
He is teaching yoga in a variety of ways,
and he is trying to make local communities which enable a sustainable and biodiversity world.

HP (only Japanese) :http://nunyoga.web.fc2.com
(only Japanese) http://nunyoga.seesaa.net